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Expert center for scientific search and studies

It is the main feature that we shall fully aware represented in accumulative knowledge role as its production and investment became the basics of any economic, social, and political growth. Concentrated knowledge on research outputs became mind effort and knowledge creativity as main factors in building new modern state as main basic for comprehensive economic transfer, globalization of trade, technology, and services. The slogan of this era is "knowledge is the power and technology is the motive". It is not acceptable to build works and find problem solutions, regardless of its type, by taking the previous impressions and non- documented studies. Building on random outputs without enough auditing, verification and methodological treatment may result in disastrous results. These researches, in depth studies, descriptive, and analytical studies are important. Serious scientific publication is the strong criteria, indices, and measurements to guarantee the quality of research output and estimation of scientific production level for its movement for spreading locally published scientific researches with quality assurance

In this regard, for knowledge society and knowledge economy in compliance with quality systems and approval, Respectable research studies are high cost as they require lab investigations, logistic and field supplies. It may also require the coordination and integration between many scientific fields. These facts have been recognized by advanced countries and gave it required concern. So it gave interest for knowledge based industry