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The Management of Educational Programs and Buildings …. Originality and Contemporary

Educational programs are the knowledge packages to be built to provide sciences for knowledge researchers. Educational buildings are the homeland for "educational- educational operations with its different procedural, technical and administrative practices according to the importance of these elements to establish knowledge basis and its industry. Education experts have concerned the building of high value model in program design and building operation in the education to combine between two values, the originality of scientific and educational values, and contemporary of applied methodologies and similarities. The models of education expert depend on two basics: building and sustainability of attractive enabling environment which building student's knowledge, psychology, ethics, and concern the development of these environments with its human, procedural, methodological, and enrichment elements. Education experts aim at establishing science love in learner's souls and enable them from research tools and scientific thinking, and provide them with knowledge principals and skills in third millennium, and promote their chances in balanced scientific, academic, and social life